Boccia In Schools

ParaQuad Tasmania is offering an Introduction to Boccia Program state-wide for people with physical disability. The Introduction to Boccia is an inclusive program where people with physical disability and their support people can participate in training sessions and competition. Boccia also gives support people the opportunity to be ramp assistants, referees and score keepers.

As a sport, Boccia was originally predominantly played by athletes with cerebral palsy, but has now expanded to include athletes with other disabilities that affect motor skills. All athletes are required to be seated when releasing the ball, and most play from a wheelchair.  Athletes can throw, kick or even use a ramp (and a ramp assistant that you get to boss around) to get the ball where you want it to go. Boccia is widely played as an educational and recreational game, particularly in schools. At Paralympic level, Boccia is one of only two sports which do not have an Olympic counterpart with Goalball being the other.

Derived from the Italian word meaning to bowl, Boccia is among the oldest family of sports. Ancient Egypt carvings date the sport back to 5200BC.

There are a number of events happening for athletes to participate in and spectate right here in Tasmania.

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BodySafe Education Program

The BodySafe Education Program is an interactive and dynamic program carefully aligned with the Australian Curriculum (Health) which discusses prevention of Spinal Cord Injury and physical trauma (such as motor vehicle accidents). Each presenter delivering the program has an acquired spinal cord injury, and while they each reveal a part of their own story within the presentation, the stories are carefully bracketed and simply used as a springboard for students to critically examine key issues.

Standard group sizes are usually approx. 20-30 individuals. However, our presenters are able to present to assemblies and larger group sizes. Group sizes can be varied so please speak with us regarding the most suitable group size for your situation and your requirements. Presentations are approximately one hour in duration.

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Wheelchair Sports In Schools

ParaQuad Tasmania offers the Wheelchair Sports in Schools program across the state, which gives students in grades 7-12, the opportunity to participate in Wheelchair Basketball or Wheelchair Australian Rules Football. The program is designed to give students the opportunity to view life from a different perspective and try a different sport with a very different set of skills from the ones they are used to. Students will discover how difficult playing sport in a wheelchair is – but they’ll take on the challenge.

The session goes for around 1 hour and involves wheelchair skills such as pushing and turning the wheelchair in a safe manner, games skills and finally the opportunity to participate in a game. The sessions are run by one of ParaQuad Tasmania’s elite athletes who will finish of the session with a short talk about what life in a wheelchair is really like.

ParaQuad Tasmania supply all wheelchairs and equipment for the Wheelchair Sports in Schools Program.

Please contact the ParaQuad offices on (03) 6272 8816 or email for more information.