About Us

Physical disABILITY Sports Tasmania is a state-wide sport and recreation program facilitated by ParaQuad Tasmania.

The program is specifically designed for people with spinal cord injury and physical disability and we welcome all ages and abilities.

Sport and recreation activities offer the physical advantages of good blood circulation, stronger muscles, better balance and co-ordination, people who participate in sport and recreation activities enjoy psychological benefits like good self-esteem and confidence and a belief in their skills and abilities.

Communities also benefit when all its members are involved in sport and recreation activities. These provide healthy lifestyle options, promote constructive time use, positive social interactions and promote valuable life skills.

ParaQuad provides wheelchairs and equipment for activities offered.

Activities include AFL Wheelchair, Boccia, Frame Running, Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Rugby

To find out more about our program please contact our Physical Disability Sports Coordinator Kevin via:

Ph: (03) 6272 7513

Email: pdst@paraquadtas.org.au

Code of Conduct