• Our Mission

    To provide people with Physical disABILITY the opportunity to participate in sport and recreation
    at a social, national or international level.

  • Our Vision

    That Tasmanian people who have physical disability can increase their self-esteem, confidence and social interaction which in turn will enhance their quality of life and their mobility by playing sport


In the early 1990’s a few people formed Wheelchair Basketball Tasmania but in the late 1990’s it went into recess.

In 2006 Wheelchair Sports Tasmania was re-formed so that young people, who use wheelchairs, could participate in a competitive sport which gave them a sense of satisfaction and achievement. The driving force behind the re-formation was Bevan Williams.

He was assisted by Wheelchair Sports Victoria to set-up the Association. Bevan raised funds to assist the development of the sports for people in wheelchairs and then, in 2008, handed over the running of Wheelchair Sports to ParaQuad Tas. Inc.

Since that time ParaQuad Tas. Inc. has not only developed basketball in the South, North and North West of Tasmania but is developing other sports that are suitable for people with a physical disability. Many are in early stages of development and boccia is another sport that is statewide in 2011.

The growth has been tremendous and it was time to change the name from Wheelchair Sports Tasmania to a name that reflected not only people in wheelchairs could participate but people with other physical disabilities would be welcome to enjoy sports that would also be of benefit to their health and well-being.

The decision was made to change Wheelchair Sports Tasmania to Physical disABILITY Sports Tasmania. This has proved to be very successful as we are now attracting many more people with physical disabilities into the Association.

People with a physical disability, including paraplegia, quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, other related spinal cord injuries, polio, acquired brain injury and other physical disabilities, will be able to participate in a sport of their choice in Tasmania.

In 2010 the Association was funded by the Tasmanian Government Grants under the ‘Caring for Communities Program’, for a period of two years which ends in December 2011, to develop a sound and sustainable physical disability sports association across Tasmania.

Sports being played, at present, are: Archery, Basketball, Boccia, Table Tennis, 8Ball and Darts.

‘Have a Go Days’ will be held for sports as people request them.