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Physical disABILITY Sports held the inaugural Camp ABILITY for children with physical disABILITIES over the weekend of the 19-21 February at Camp Clayton on the North West coast of Tasmania.
All though only small with seven children and parents from around the state attending as stay in campers and two visiting for the Saturday activities. The camp started on Friday night with a BBQ and get to know each other. Saturday’s activities started with Basketball, Boccia and Balloon soccer in the gym. It was fantastic to see all the kids joining no matter what their disability. After lunch we had a visit from Flocky the Kite man. He brought in kits for the kids to build and decorate their own kites. Then it was off to the oval to fly them. At one stage all nine kites were flying. After a bit of kite flying Flocky brought out his water bottle rockets. A big hit with the kids. The day finished off with some free time. After a dinner of pizza we settled down to watch Odd ball.


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Sunday after pack up finished with a treasure hunt then goodbyes with the question “when is the next camp?”

I enjoyed the activities and meeting new friends. Chole

It was AWESOME. We had fun with Kevin doing lots of activities. When is the next time? I want to come again. Damien

Thank you for a great time. My favourite was the kite man. James

Nice Food. Ethan.

Cheers Kevin

Sports Development Person

Physical disABILITY Sports Tasmania